Sabrina Maria – New Album “Blank Canvas”

Sabrina Maria started singing from an early age and always had a passion for music.  Although she has been singing and performing for many years, It’s only been in recent years that she started putting pen to paper and writing her own songs.  Sabrina writes lyrics from her own life experiences and hopes you will be able to relate
to some of them.

Her completely self-penned debut album ‘Blank Canvas’ was recorded in the prestigious Parr Street Studios, Liverpool, under the guidance of top producer; Justin Johnson (J Room 3 Productions).

 ‘Blank Canvas’ will make you want to pick up that air guitar and dance around your living room. It’ll make you want to go and see your best friend and give them a hug. If you’re going through tough situations it will give you hope for the future.  You’ll cry tears remembering a lost loved one and you’ll finish striving to make the world a better place.

An interview with Sabrina is featured on British Country Music Show on 18 May together with three tracks from her “Blank Canvas” album. More details are on